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Lake Superior Charter Fishing

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Lake Superior Charter Fishing Captains

Western Lake Superior and the North Shore of Superior offer some of the best salmon, lake trout, and walleye fishing anywhere in the area. Lake Superior is the cleanest of the great lakes and offers the sportsman a great fishery. Not only for the fun of catching, but also for the quality of eating. Lake Superior trout are highly prized and sought after by restaurants, here and around the country.


Lake Superior Lake Trout

Lake Superior Lake Trout

The most abundant species of game fish in Lake Superior.  They have been know to grow as large as 60 plus pounds in Lake Superior.  The average size is 3 to 5 lbs.

 Lake Superior Salmon

lake superior chinook salmon

– King & Coho

Salmon are not native to Lake Superior, but they are doing fairly well, thanks to stocking efforts by our neighbors to the north in Canada. There is also some natural reproduction in the south shore rivers.
They have attained sizes in the 30 plus range but are usually in the 2 to 8 lb range

Lake Superior Walleye

Although they are not as abundant as the trout and salmon,  someLake Superior Walleye very nice sized walleyes are caught every season. Lake Superior also has steelhead, kamloops rainbow, brown trout, and an occasional muskie.

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Lake Superior Charter Fishing Captains

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